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BOE Securities

BOE Securities


Last Updated : 4/16/2008 6:30:13 PM



BOE Securities provides institutional investors with a non-traditional approach to traditional research. BOE Securities takes an independent thinkers’ approach, often serving as Fundamental Research Consultants.


As an Independent Research Provider with experience of serving the world’s largest, most sophisticated investment managers, BOE Securities broad systematic securities research combines the best blend of quantitative and qualitative assessments. The leading investors have embraced BOE Securities’ detailed valuation analysis based on discounted cash flow. For many clients, BOE Securities is an indispensable second-opinion source.


BOE Securities recognizes that to create wealth, businesses have to produce profits to exceed the cost of capital that lenders and shareholders have invested. To pinpoint who is creating wealth or destroying it, BOE Securities uses a Shareholder Value Analysis framework to evaluate equities. The basic idea behind the analysis is to understand the Intrinsic Value of a company. By identifying the intrinsic value of a company, BOE Securities helps its institutional investors outperform their benchmarks, and allows retail investors to be fully informed when making their investment decisions.


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Key Executives

Bufus Outlaw
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sabu P. Joseph
Director Research

Eugene I. Maddred, Jr.
Director Equity Trading


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Two Penn Center
1500 JFK Blvd, Suite 430
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Telephone: 215.568-5500


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