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Cambridge International Partners

Cambridge International Partners


Last Updated : 4/18/2008 3:37:22 PM



Cambridge International Partners is a New York-based investment banking firm that provides transactional, financial and strategic advice to the investment management and securities industries, as well as related financial services businesses. Representing a broad base of domestic and foreign clients we initiate, structure and negotiate sales and divestitures, acquisitions, mergers and recapitalizations. We also provide advice on value-enhancing strategies, equity recycling mechanisms, firm valuations, and financing.


We are driven, foremost, by the quality of our advice. Our clients have rewarded Cambridge with repeat assignments that have represented sixty percent of the firm's revenues since our inception. Our investment management client base encompasses domestic and international institutional, private wealth and mutual fund managers and every asset class from traditional equities and fixed income to alternative hedge fund and structured products. On the private wealth side (one-half of our completed m&a assignments) we have worked extensively with both investment-only advisors as well as full-service, open-architecture multi-family offices.


Cambridge's distinctive business model is based on the following principles:

  • Principal-centric in delivering our advice. Our principals are supported by a group of talented professionals, but it is the principals’ experience, judgment, drive and continuing presence that we commit and deliver to the execution of every assignment. The team you see during the sales presentation is the one that will execute the assignment.
  • Specialist focus. We devote our time and resources to the investment management, securities and related industries – which drives our research, knowledge, relationships and value-added.
  • Balance of sell- and buy-side clients. In our transactional work, we actively seek a balance between representing buyers and sellers. It provides us with a deeper understanding of the issues faced on both sides of a transaction and allows us to forge relationships throughout the industry that benefit our clients in a very direct way.
  • Pro-actively avoid conflicts. We review all potential assignments for possible conflicts, and won’t take assignments where we cannot provide clients with our unfettered best advice. We are not associated with any private equity or investment funds.
  • International client base. Forty percent of our assignments have involved clients outside the US, including cross-border transactions. Our international relationships and transactional work allow us, where appropriate, to address a global audience for our clients.

Our work primarily involves private transactions on behalf of clients that include investment managers, trust companies, banks, insurance groups, securities firms, fund administrator, diversified financial services organizations, holding companies and financial investors. We have, in addition, advised public companies and their Special Committees in connection with quoted company sales and acquisitions.


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Key Executives

Paul F.H. Holt

Douglas P. Klassen
Managing Director

John H. Temple
Managing Director

Steven M. Levitt
Managing Director

Olga Y. Friedzon
Vice President


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780 Third Ave
7th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Telephone: 212.826-8290


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