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Cohen and Co.

Cohen CPA


Last Updated : 4/22/2008 8:50:07 PM



Members of Cohen & Company's Transaction Services Group have been involved with the successful completion of a multitude of both stock and asset transactions. In connection with these engagements, our team members have also provided tax due diligence, tax planning and structuring assistance associated with pending transactions, compensation/benefit due diligence, and operational consulting. Our involvement in the due diligence process focuses on the identification of risk factors of the target and how these items may impact the transaction. In addition, our full range of accounting, tax, and consulting experience allows us to hone in on the financial and non-financial issues and to assist our clients before, during, and after the transaction.


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Key Executives

Ronald B. Cohen
Partner Emeritus

Randall S. Myeroff
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President

Hugh Fisher

James Lisy
Managing Director

Gary T. Salhany
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director


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1350 Euclid Ave
Suite 800
Cleveland, OH 44115

Telephone: 800.229-1099


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