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Denning and Company

Denning and Company


Last Updated : 4/24/2008 7:27:55 PM



Based in San Francisco and founded in 2001, Denning & Company is a leading boutique private equity advisory firm which provides consulting and fund raising services to both established and emerging private equity partnerships worldwide. We are attracted to challenging assignments.

With 35 years combined capital raising experience, we continually build upon our trusted relationships with top-tier General and Limited partners to create successful and enduring investment partnerships. We trust, respect and like the people with whom we choose to work.

Our marketing efforts embrace institutional investors, including:

  • advisors/fund-of-funds/consultants
  • endowments/foundations
  • public and corporate pension funds
  • insurance companies
  • strategic corporate investors
  • carefully qualified family offices/high net-worth individuals


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Key Executives

Paul F. Denning
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jill Y. Kitazaki
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Eleanor Sullivan

Alexandra M. Sullivan

Allison L. Powell

David Haynes
Advisory Board Member


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1 California Street
Suite 2800
San Francisco, CA 94111

Telephone: 415.399.3939


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