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VCG Holdings

VCG Holding Corporation



Last Updated : 3/31/2008 6:08:27 PM



VCG Holding Corporation Adult Nightclubs

VCG Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: VCGH) is a growing and leading consolidator and operator of adult nightclubs in the United States. The Company owns, manages and acquires, nightclubs, which provide premium live adult entertainment, and upscale restaurant and beverage services in a first class environment targeting affluent patrons. The Company's management team has over 50 aggregate years of experience in successfully owning and operating adult nightclubs and has in-depth knowledge of the industry. Currently, the Company operates 19 adult entertainment nightclubs and one upscale dance club in nine states.

Our Clubs
The Company owns and operates the following clubs:

In Colorado
  Tabu (Denver)
  Diamond Cabaret (Denver)
  LaBoheme (Denver)
  Penthouse (Denver)
  PT's Appaloosa (Colorado Springs)
  PT's All Nude (Denver)
  PT's Showclub (Denver)
In Maine
  Platinum Plus (Portland)
In Kentucky
  PT's Showclub (Louisville)
In North Carolina
  The Men's Club (Raleigh)

In Illinois
  PT's Brooklyn (East Saint Louis)
  PT's Centreville (East Saint Louis)
  PT's Sports (East Saint Louis)
  Roxy's (East Saint Louis)
  Penthouse (East Saint Louis)
In Texas
  Jaguars Gold Club (Ft. Worth)
In Indiana
  PT's Showclub
In Minnesota
  Schieks Palace Royale (Minneapolis)
In Florida
  Platinum Plus Gentlemen's Club (Miami)

These clubs range in size from 7,000 sq. ft. to 16,000 sq. ft. with the average size being approximately 10,000 sq. ft. They are all within ready access to the principal business, tourist and/or commercial districts in the metropolitan areas in which they are located. Both the exterior of the buildings and the interior design and decor of the clubs provide the appearance and atmosphere of an upscale restaurant. The facilities have state of the art sound systems, theater-quality lighting and professional stage design.

The Company's facilities provide premium quality female performers. The highest standards are maintained for appearance, attitude, demeanor, dress and personality. The entertainment encourages repeat visits, increases the average length of a patron's stay and attracts customers to a late night destination, all of which creates increased revenue.

The VIP Experience

Three of the Company's clubs offer full service restaurants with VIP facilities for its members. The VIP Rooms are separate areas of the club accessible only to those who purchase annual memberships and provide an elegant, quiet atmosphere with its own restaurant featuring a more upscale food menu. The VIP Room is particularly conducive to business entertaining.

IEC Management
The Company owns International Entertainment Consultants, Inc. ("IEC"), which provides management services to its nightclubs and, on a fee basis, to non-owned affiliated nightclubs. All nightclubs managed by IEC are charged for direct expenses and a proportionate share of IEC's general operating and administrative expenses. IEC provides management and supervisory personnel to oversee operations, hires and contracts for all operating personnel, establishes club policies and procedures, conducts compliance monitoring, manages purchasing, prepares financial and operating reports, income tax preparation, accounting services and manage other administrative needs.

Each club is managed by persons who are highly experienced in the restaurant hospitality industry. The managers are responsible for maintaining the overall quality of the nightclubs and, specifically:
providing attentive customer service; supervising all personnel, including kitchen staff, bartenders, security, waitresses, disc jockey's and performers; and maintaining the facility as a clean, inviting, safe and comfortable place to visit.


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Key Executives


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Troy H. Lowrie
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Michael L. Ocello
President, Director

Brent Lewis
Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer

Mary E. Bowles-Cook
Treasurer, Secretary

Robert J. McGraw Jr.

Rand E. Kruger

Allan S. Rubin

Edward M. Bearman

Martin A. Grusin


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