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012 Smile.Communications NASDAQ SMLC

012 Smile.Communications Ltd.



Last Updated : 4/23/2008 9:19:29 PM



012 smile Israeli Communication Service Provider

012 smile is one of Israel's leading communications service providers. We are a growth-oriented company offering a wide range of broadband and voice services. Our broadband services include internet access with a suite of value-added services, specialized Data services and server hosting, as well as new innovative services such as local telephony via voice over broadband, or VoB, and a countrywide network of WiFi hotspots. Our traditional voice services include outgoing and incoming international telephony, hubbing, roaming and signaling, and calling card services.

Being growth-oriented, we continually focus on introducing new services that allow increased penetration into the market segments where we currently operate, and access to new market segments such as the local telephony and mobile markets. We frequently are the first to introduce new and innovative services. We were the first company in Israel to provide VoB services, and are the first to be granted a license to provide WiMax-based services on a trial basis.

To enlarge our customer base and increase penetration into new and existing markets, we plan to continue cross-selling of services and leveraging of advanced technologies to broaden our service offerings. By offering multiple complementary services, such as VoB service, allows us to increase revenue per customer, provide greater pricing flexibility and promote customer retention.

With a customer base of over a million households and businesses, 012 smile can cost-effectively enter the large Israeli local telephony market with a versatile, feature-rich, low cost service that can be bundled with the many other services we offer. The Ministry of Communications number portability program, Commenced on December 2007, provides an opportunity to increase penetration of the local telephony market. 012 smile is also considering adding new services such as Internet protocol television (IPTV), and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

012 smile has made significant investments in its multipurpose network infrastructure which has been specifically designed and optimized to transmit data using internet protocol, or IP. This investment has allowed us to build and maintain a high-capacity network that addresses the growing demand for advanced broadband services. Our network configuration supports the convergence of voice and Data services, such as broadband internet access, VoB and traditional voice services, as well as advanced technologies, such as WiMax. In addition, our network provides specialized data services to bandwidth-intensive organizations and international carriers using a variety of technological solutions to satisfy the demands and changing needs of our business customers.


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Key Executives


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Shaul Elovitch
Chairman of The Board

Eli Holtzman
Vice Chairman of the Board

Stella Handler
Chief Executive officer (CEO)

Doron Ilan
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Yaackov Nadborny
Vice President Marketing

Ori Waterman
Vice President Residential Division

Max Blumberg
Vice President Technology

Tal Granot
Vice President Human Resources

Yaron Steinberg
Vice President Business Division

Anat Winner


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25 Hasivim Street
Petach, Tikva 49170

Telephone: 927-72-2002111
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