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3PAR Inc.



Last Updated : 4/23/2008 9:41:55 PM



3PAR Utility Computing and Storage

3PAR (NYSE Arca: PAR) is the leading global provider of utility storage, a category of next-generation storage arrays built for utility computing. Organizations use utility computing to build cost-effective virtualized IT infrastructures for flexible workload consolidation. Next-generation storage is a category of arrays developed to address the limitations of traditional storage arrays and meet the needs of virtualized infrastructures.

The Problem We Solve

3PAR Utility Storage is designed to address the problem of costly, complex, and brittle IT environments by delivering resilient infrastructure agility at a lower total cost than traditional storage arrays.

Our Customers

3PAR customers are organizations for whom delivering IT as a service is mission-critical, including medium to large-size enterprises, business-oriented service providers, consumer-oriented Internet/Web 2.0 companies, and government entities.

The Value We Bring

3PAR Utility Storage enables customers to cut Total Cost of Data by up to 50% while giving them the ability to respond instantly to changing business demands. Designed to overcome the limitations of midrange and monolithic arrays, next-generation storage arrays from 3PAR offer a smart (self-managing), thin (inherently efficient), and ready (resiliently adaptable) tiered-storage solution for utility computing. This makes 3PAR Utility Storage ideal for open systems storage consolidation, integrated data lifecycle management, and performance-intensive applications.


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Key Executives


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Kevin Fong
Non-Executive Chairman and Compensation Committee Chairperson

Jeff Price
Vice President of Engineering and Founder

David Scott
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark A. Siegel

James Wei

Chris Paisley
Director and Audit Committee Chairperson

Mark Jung
Director, and Nominating and Governance Committee Chairperson

Michael Sheridan
Director and Audit Committee Member


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