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MineCore International Inc.

MineCore International Inc. OTCPS MCIO



Last Updated : 4/18/2008 8:31:25 PM



MineCore International, Inc (OTC.PK: MCIO) is an exploration company, as defined under SEC Industry Guide 7. The Company's core mission is to successfully identify, acquire and develop mineral properties with a program to commence mining operations and develop solid growth with profitable operations. MineCore's exploration assets include 15,000 square hectares of sapphire bearing property in Madagascar, 1,000 square hectares of ammolite bearing property in Canada and 520 square hectares of gold bearing property in Venezuela.

MineCore also has several independent revenue generating subsidiaries that support its exploration operations. The construction division includes heavy equipment operations consisting of heavy equipment for road building and overburden stripping. We have structural and electrical construction units that specialize in installing energy control systems for industrial and government customers. We have an infrastructure program in Madagascar to upgrade the highway and bridges between Toliar and the sapphire exploration properties. Our consulting division contracts with government transit/transport agencies worldwide. Our manufacturing technology division will provide building blocks for structures, such as schools, medical clinics, and housing projects. MineCore subsidiaries alone generate revenues and is carrying net assets of $65 million (unaudited) with no long term debt."

The combined synergy of the subsidiaries provide cost savings, efficiency and revenues to MineCore and support our vision of being vertically integrated for tomorrow and beyond.


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Key Executives


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Jerry G. Mikolajczyk
Chairman of The Board, Chief Operation Officer, Interim President

Breene Kerr

Richard L. Boehner

Tomaz Klingberg


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520 SE 5th Avenue
Suite 1508
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Telephone: 954.604-0913


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