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Pressure BioSciences, Inc.



Last Updated : 3/5/2008 9:48:35 PM



Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) is focused on developing products based on its proprietary pressure cycling technology (PCT) for life-sciences applications. The innovative technology utilizes hydrostatic pressure, which cycles between ambient and ultra-high levels, to rapidly and proficiently disrupt cell membranes/tissues to remove nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecules from plant and animal materials.

The PCT technology has a broad range of possible applications in genomics and proteomics, in addition to drug discovery, pathogen inactivation, food safety, immunodiagnostics, and DNA sequencing. Currently, the PCT System consists of a top-of-the-line instrument and disposable PULSE sample processing tubes. Pressure BioSciences plans to develop other instrumentation and disposables to meet additional needs in life sciences’ laboratories.

The Company’s proprietary technology addresses the number one issue in sample preparation that creates significant bottlenecks in research. Existing technology does not product consistent results, requires multiple steps, and has a high risk of contamination. By utilizing Pressure BioSciences’ PCT technology, researching can achieve much better results in a single-step process.

The CEO and President of Pressure BioSciences, Mr. Richard T. Schumacher, founded the company in 1978 as Boston Biomedica, which later became known as Pressure BioSciences in 2004. He has extensive experience in the medical field, helped build Panacos Pharmaceuticals into a public company valued at more than $200 million, and guided Boston Biomedica from a start-up company to realizing $30 million in sales as Pressure BioSciences.


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Key Executives


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Richard T. Schumacher
Chief Executive officer (CEO)

Edward H. Myles
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Edmund Y. Ting Sc.D
Senior Vice President

Nathan P. Lawrence Ph.D
Vice President


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