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Critical Solutions

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Last Updated : 5/7/2008 9:39:35 PM



In a natural disaster situation such as Katrina, or as a result of a terrorist event, power is always an issue.  The longer the power remains off, the more catastrophic the event becomes.   Even portable power provided by diesel or gasoline generators becomes problematic as fuels stored in underground tanks cannot be pumped out of the ground.  If all communications are dependent upon generators to provide power, you must assume you will lose some degree of command and control as a mission gets extended without power.  Without command and control, safety is jeopardized, confusion is constant and assets go un-utilized.

Using non-traditional power and some basic pre-planning, a “minimum mission critical communication profile” can be developed and deployed that will ensure communications in the absolute worst of scenarios. 

Critical Solutions Inc, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Critical Power Solutions International, uses alternative power sources to power third party communication and security devices. Critical International uses three alternative power sources: solar panels, wind turbines and hydrogen fuel cells.  Each power source is designed to be integrated to provide maximum power when available.  Hydrogen cells are used as a support system in the event that the system demands additional power or the solar panels and wind turbines cannot handle the necessary load.   Based on the load sustainability calculations, Critical International designs systems to power mission critical applications 24/7/365.


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Key Executives


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James Margulies
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President

Aaron M. Caplan
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Secretary

Patrick S. Gallagher
President Critical Power Solutions International

Michael G. Lee
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Founder Critical Power Solutions International (formerly known as Elevated Security, Inc.)


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