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JZZ Technologies

JZZ Technologies



Last Updated : 5/9/2008 2:28:03 PM



JZZ Technologies Software Solutions Fitness and Medical Industry

JZZ Technologies, Inc. provides unique software solutions utilized by top-quality, health, fitness, and sports professionals, as well as fitness and medical centers.
Sport Sciences

E-Factor Sport is designed to provide a science-based physical assessment and biomechanics based training program to youth and adult athletes.  Athletic Trainers, Coaches, Recruiters, Sport Specific Training Facilities, and Physical Therapists use this tool to enhance sports training programs, personal training programs and identify limitations and latent injuries that had previously hindered their clients performance and quality of life.   
Medical Technology

Fit-Factor and E-Factor Rehab are designed to provide health professionals with easy to use tools to accurately assess therapy needs for their clients.  Practitioners are able to produce consistent, comparable range-of-motion readings every time a screening is completed.  These tools remove the variability associated with the subjective observations by multiple practitioners and provide a practical means to validate therapy programs.
Equine Sciences

We are currently looking for individuals to partner with us in our equine biomechanics research.


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10429 S. 51st Street
Suite 245
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Telephone: 949.481-5396


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