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Mega Media Group



Last Updated : 5/13/2008 2:27:42 PM



Mega Media Group, Inc. (MMDA) is a multimedia entertainment holding company focused on offering an array of multimedia services. Its various subsidiaries specialize in recording, music production and distribution, video production, radio broadcasting, and operating Pulse87; a Rhythmic Top 40 Radio station located in the New York Tri-State Region.

The Company operates a full-service film studio with a virtual 3D chromatic room and a 4A virtual studio. Its studio is used to create music videos for recording artists as well as multimedia projects. It also produces TV commercials, infomercials, and other video-related products. A talented, professional staff of animators, visual effect designers, and editors comprise the Mega Media team.

Skeleton Key Entertainment, one of the company’s subsidiaries, offers a full-service forum for pop/rock, alternative and urban music artists. All of the services offered by major record labels are provided including funding, artist development, recording services (with access to Mega Media’s recording studios), promotions, marketing, artwork creation and retail distribution.

In recent news the company announced that it has executed an affiliate agreement with Apple iTunes, which will allow visitors to purchase music playing on the radio station through the most widely used online music store. This is momentous, as iTunes is now the #2 music distributor, trailing only behind Wal-Mart.


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Key Executives


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Aleksandr Shvarts
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Gennady Pomeranets
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Eric Schwartz
Executive Vice President


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598 Broadway
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10012

Telephone: 646-839-5500
Fax: 646-839-5501


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