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Treaty Energy Corporation



Last Updated : 1/8/2009 8:04:24 PM



Treaty Energy Corporation OTCBB TRGY Treaty Energy Corporation is a profit and growth-oriented energy company focused on utilizing strategies and techniques that maximize crude oil and natural gas recoveries in volume as well as investment dollars spent. Treaty’s acquisition and development plan is well defined and crucial to this process. Our goal is targeting only acquisitions of properties with production capabilities and proven reserves; factors that our team’s expertise can utilize for enhanced, more effective and greater ultimate production. By taking the “value-added” approach and staying away from the huge costs and high risks of exploration activities, Treaty builds production base and drillable proven reserves that translate to strong growth of stock value. A disciplined management team, attractive and growing asset base, and experienced operating personnel allows Treaty Energy to focus on multifaceted activities that will continue to reduce risk and maximize shareholder value. Treaty has an abiding commitment to the good stewardship of the resources we have to use to bring oil and gas products to the point of sale and leaving the smallest footprint possible on the land and its many other natural resources. Environmental responsibility is a constant and Treaty seeks not only to make improvements, but frequently takes on the task of rehabilitating environmental mistakes of previous leaseholders and operations personnel. Together, one at a time, we believe that we can demonstrate that environmental responsibility and even enhancement can go hand in hand with the oil and gas production so necessary for the stability of the United States. Treaty Energy is an excellent opportunity for investors seeking a short and/or long-term investment.


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440 Louisiana - Suite 1400
Houston, TX 77002

Telephone: 1 504-606-0446
Fax: 1 504-324-0844


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