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Sergio Kato

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Sergio Kato (born July 15th, 1965) was born in Brazil, and he has held U.S Citizenship since becoming naturalized in 1992. Actor Sergio is a professional Actor, Producer, Tv-Host and a Businessman.

Actor Sergio Kato with Star Rutger Hauer In: Flying Virus - Killer Buzz

Flying Virus (2001) - About mutant killer bees, international terrorism and an endangered plane, features a likeable bad guy (Rutger Hauer) leading his gang of mercenaries (Main Mercenary Sergio Kato) with helicopter gunships to shoot up a Brazilian village and the actor - where the nativesare rebelling against exploitation by a secret US government project's use of the region for testing bio-weapons.

Brenda Starr Brooke Shields (1989) Sergio Kato got to a range of diverse projects from new established talents. The first film he appeared was released in the international hit film; "Brenda Starr" aside with famous actress Brooke Shields.

Sergio Kato also also acted in the film "Only the Strong" (1993) Action Drama(USA) Ex-Special Forces soldier Louis Stevens returns to Miami to find his former high school overrun by drugs and violence..

Director: Sheldon Lettich,
Cast: Mark Dacascos, Stacey Travis

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Sid Levin Theatrical


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