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Macam Capital Markets Communications

Cameron MacDonald

Last Updated : 5/9/2008 5:39:11 PM


Macam Public and Investor Relations

Macam develops, implements, and coordinates full-service and specialized public relations and investor relations programs designed to enhance company visibility, recognition, coverage, valuation, and finance.

Macam’s corporate communications philosophy is straightforward - communicate clear, detailed, and relevant information directly to the right audience.

Macam’s experienced professionals and extensive and thoroughly segmented North American and international individual, retail, corporate, institutional, and media network ensure success.

Macam’s corporate communications services include:
  • Print Material Solutions
  • Formal Print Material Solutions
  • Internet, Audio, Video, & (other) Media Solutions
  • Dissemination Solutions
  • Monitoring, Reporting, & Information - Management Solutions
  • Market Making Solutions



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