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Be The Dream Transformational Life Coach and Visioneer

Zen Benefiel

Last Updated : 4/29/2009 5:30:10 AM


Zen Benefiel is a multi-master's degreed author, coach, consultant, educator, facilitator and minister with a passion for education and facilitating collaborative alliances that lead to dynamic partnerships and successful projects.

He founded Be The Dream in 1988, while coordinating a $7 million/month spare parts program for an aerospace company, as a vehicle to promote holistic understanding in business and personal achievement.

He produced and hosted over 100 television shows in the early 90s that peered into the depths of how we transform our lives from anger, fear, ignorance and immobility to achieve a more fulfilling life in personal and professional areas. His guests listened and learned to lean into their fears; their how-to regarding achieving their goals and objectives. Guests included the gamut of ascending from homelessness to deciding to run for public office.

His life has been full of adaptations from growth in self-awareness and evolving understanding of profound and often perplexing metaphysical experiences which, in his opinion, is a cornerstone of linking science and spirituality. He can be found at Be The Dream.

His current endeavors include partnering facilitations for road and bridge construction projects, social media integration for small businesses and coaching clients through Transformation: A Guide for Change.



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