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EcoTek Lighting

Dawna Heising

Last Updated : 5/7/2009 8:12:21 PM


Ecotek Lighting, a division of Expotrans, is a leading provider of high performance light boxes, menu boards, poster frames and custom displays using LED illumination. Our LED backlit displays yield brilliant luminosity and deliver six times the energy efficiency of displays using edgelit T-8 fluorescent lamps. Ecotek Lighting’s eco-friendly products are 99% recyclable, UL, CUL and CE-listed and meet LEED, GreenGuard and Energy Star standards for energy efficiency. We design, engineer, manufacture and test each of our products in our state-of-the-art Green manufacturing plant in Lake Forest, California.

EcoTek Lighting was created with the mission of saving energy and producing Eco-Friendly products. Our Direct LED Backlighting technology and our Green manufacturing processes significantly contribute to reducing emissions across the entire lifecycle of our products. EcoTek Lighting was recently selected as a finalist in the Harvey Mudd College Green Engineering Category for the 2009 TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Awards. The president of EcoTek Lighting is Rick Farrell.



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Key Executives

Rick Farrell

Eduardo Bertagni
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dawna Lee Heising
Director of Marketing


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EcoTek Drive-Thru Day-Part LED MB PR.pdf  
EcoTek Indoor LED Light Box Press Release.pdf  
EcoTek Tri-Vu Indoor LED MB Press Release.pdf  
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